The Internet is a great and easy place to have fun, learn new things and make new friends because it connects people, places and information from all over the world. But what makes the Internet awesome can also make it dangerous.

That's why we encourage you to use the Internet in general, and the Meteor the Monster Truck website in particular, in a safe way by following the tips below. Feel free to print these tips and place them near the computer as a reminder that online safety must always be taken seriously.

Never give out your personal information, not online and not off-line: Would you tell a stranger who you are or where you live? No way! Never give anyone your whole name or last name, age, address, telephone number, email or instant message account - and don't share anyone else's personal information either. Remember that personal information also includes the name of your school, favorite hangout and names of your friends.

Don't use your real name as part of your screen name: You may think your screen name is super creative, but if it says too much about you, it could be used to find out more information or for some negative purpose. Choose a unique screen name that fits you without being too telling of your personal information. Ask your parents to help come up with ideas - it's a fun thing to do together, and it helps to keep you safe.

Never share credit card numbers, and always get permission to buy things: If your parents have given you a credit card to pay for online charges, make sure you never share those numbers with anyone online and to always check with your parents before buying anything.

Keep your password secret: Giving out your password is like giving your house keys to a stranger! Do you want them going through your stuff while you're not home, or taking your things when you're not looking? No way! The same goes for your stuff online. The only ones that should know your password are you and your parents.

Read the rules and follow them: Meteor the Monster Truck, and every other youth sites, have specific rules so that all users can have online fun. Please read the rules. If you don't understand some of them, ask questions. In the case of Meteor the Monster Truck, the rules are there to ensure all kids' safety and enjoyment while online. Breaking the rules ruins everyone's fun and could easily get you suspended or expelled from the site.

Only share stuff that you don't mind everyone seeing or knowing: Anything you share online could be seen by your teachers, your parent(s) or legal guardian, your friends and your neighbor from down the street. The things you share online can cause hurt feelings or worse. Remember, once something has been posted to a web site or sent using email you can't take it back. You may have to deal with the consequences for a long time. We encourage our users to show respect for other online users just as you do in school.

Keep your photos offline: Photos show people exactly who you are and what you look like, and you have no control over how a photo may be used, amended and even re-posted by others. Play it safe and keep pictures offline.

Never download stuff unless you know it's safe: Downloads can hurt your computer, put viruses on your hard drive, and steal information from you. Stop and think twice before you download anything, even if you think it's ok to do -- it can cost you time, money and a lot of grief. Better safe than sorry!

Keep your online friendships online: There are all kinds of cool people online, but not everyone is always who they say they are and not everyone is reliable. You never really know anyone who you meet online. It is not a good idea for anyone to meet up in the outside world with someone they know from an online site, no matter how nice they seem. If you are asked to meet someone in-person, you should tell your parents and never meet anyone unless your parents go with you.

Tell an adult if you feel unsafe, or just aren't sure about stuff.  If someone or something online is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, immediately tell a parent or guardian, teacher or police officer. Sharing your feelings and asking for help is the smart thing to do because if something feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

Please take time to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.